Friday, December 4, 2009

Poop on the potty?

I realize that I haven't updated in a while so I thought I would do a quick message before students come in. :)

As usual, Gray is learning more and more everyday. The latest surprising thing happened last night. We were all playing upstairs after dinner and Grayson was running around as usual. All of a sudden he dropped his toy and ran into the bathroom. He sat down on his training toilet and started grunting. After a bit of "work" was done he got up and continued to play. Gray likes to put things in his potty and use it as a chair but we have never actually seen him go over to it and poop while sitting on top of it. (Well, the lid was up but diaper and pants were still on.) Couldn't believe that he took a poop ON the potty last night!!! Let's hope that it wasn't just a fluke and that he might be starting to understand how things down there work. Although... I wasn't planning on starting that journey for almost another year him.

If you have seen Gray eatting lately, you would realize that everything is better when you can dip it. (I remember this stage when one of my neices was into dipping too.) Even if he claims that he doesn't want anything more to eat, if you tell him to "dip it" he will do so and follow it up with the smallest of bites to test out the dipping success. I didn't realize that he understood that phrase until last night when I asked him if he wanted to dip his nugget and he tried it out by dipping it in his rice. Too funny. Don't worry though, I saved the kid and gave him a small dollop of ketchup which he proceeded to dip into and continue eatting.

Other than that, things are gearing up for the holiday season around our house. We plan to pick up the Christmas tree this weekend! Lights are all up. Some decorations (Grayson-proofed ones) are out as well. I have completed 90% of the shopping as well thanks to Black Friday! Once we get the tree up then I can wrap things and it will really seem like Christmas is around the corner. The only thing I am really dreading is baking cookies for all of Eric's top clients. Planning on doing that next weekend... ugh.

Sorry that I don't have any fun pics to post. I will try to take some this weekend while we are down in Portland or cutting our tree on Sunday. :)