Friday, November 20, 2009

Starting the Nursery

Our plans are mounting up lately and now there are no free weekends until next year (as I am sure is typical for most of us out there). So Eric and I decided to clear the schedule this weekend and make some time to work around the house. Included in those plans is getting started on the nursery transformation! We bought the paint a few days ago and I couldn't wait to get it up on the wall. I LOVE painting!! Such immediate satisfaction. Bye bye sunshine yellow. Hello blue and brown baby boy. We are going to do crown molding to match what we did in Gray's room. Also, I thought it would be too much dark color on a solid wall so we are breaking up the wall with a white chair rail in the middle to split the blue and brown. We will see how it looks in the end.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Monkey

Eric and I have been amazed lately at how much Gray understands what we talk about in casual conversation. It seems like there is a new word or phrase every day. Perfect example… yesterday… Gray ate a few bite of his lobster & cheese ravioli (yummy!) some green beans and a bit of garlic bread but was signing frantically that he was “all done”. So we cleaned him up and let him run around for a bit while we cleaned up the kitchen. Eric and I were talking about our day and other things when he asked me if I thought Grayson might want a bit of banana to top him off. In he runs nodding his head and signing “please” over and over again. Once he was sure his message got across to us he sat down at his little table and waited for his treat. Gray couldn’t have been more pleased with himself. So cute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bubble Bath

Gray always loves playing in the bath, but he REALLLLY likes it with bubbles. He was having such a blast that we couldn't resist taking a few pics of him.

New Camera Shopping

Now that it is November, Eric and I have decided to start looking around for Christmas gifts. Sooooo excited that we chose to upgrade our digital camera this year!! Although our present digital camera has been around for many great times, it is getting older and beat up... and let's face it, has had beer spilled on it one too many times to work perfectly. Because it is too chaotic to try out new cameras in the middle of black Friday we have already begun the search. The front runner right now is a Sony DSLR-330. Still need to go back to the store with our own memory card to be able to check the images on our home computer. One of the other top choices is a Nikon that we had fun playing with...

Looks even better when you click on it to see better resolution. Sad as it sounds, I just can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by so that we can go and get our new camera!!! :)

Halloween Fun

Family Halloween!
Here we are after one of several parties this year. Gray was a dragon, Eric was a hunter, and I was a mail-order bride (package deal special... haha).