Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cousin Zach's 2nd Birthday

Love this pic of the littlest ones in the Haukaas family. From left:
Grayson - 19 months
Zachary - 24 months
Brooklyn - 29 months
There is a 5 month difference between them but they are all the same size. Actually, I think Brooklyn is the smallest - but definitely the most talkative!
At first they were not so sure about posing together.
As soon as we started clapping, everything is just peachy.

My 30th!

For my 30th birthday I asked to go out to Italian for dinner. (Yummy pasta!) Maybe next year we will have a wild and crazy night out...

Gray was very curious about Parker but also really wanted to play with his toys. Later on he decided that putting ketchup in mommy's water was yummy. Really we let him do whatever he wanted at this point because it was over an hour past his bedtime. We chose a place close to Kari's house in Puyallup so that once dinner was finished we could run over and put Gray to bed. Then it was cake time! Eric surprised me with a WONDERFUL cake. He said that if I couldn't enjoy all the wine like everyone else then I should at least have something yummy as a treat. One of the many reasons I love him!!Here is little Parker getting spoiled by my mom and Grandma. Its not that easy to reason with grandmas about not feeding babies frosting. As you can see, it was a losing battle... (Parker didn't seem to mind though.)

Pump it UP!

We went to a great birthday party at a place called Pump It Up. Basically it is a large warehouse filled with inflatables. Grayson had a wonderful time once he figured it all out.

Cleaning up the leaves... finally

When we packed up all the Christmas decorations the leaves in the yard also made an exit. Gray had a great time helping to clean up all the leaves. He likes picking up leaves anyways, so any excuse to play with them is wonderful. Turns out he is a pretty good helper. :)

Loving this picture because Gray has plumber's crack! haha!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Trouble with Cups

I needed to buck up and clean out our pantry. While I was in the middle of the process, Gray decided to help out with the cups. Unfortunately, there were just a few too many for him to handle at any one time. This "game" went on for over 20 minutes. I do give him credit for never getting frustrated though. :) Love it.

Almost Ready!

With Christmas coming to a close we were finally able to turn our focus back to the nursery. I had to first finish cutting in around the new moulding. Once that was done we headed off to Ikea to pick up the dresser and bookcase. We put everything together and the nursery is almost ready for a baby... except that we don't have a crib yet! Oops!

Gray really wanted to help out on the step-stool and didn't understand why I wouldn't share. Not the most flattering pic of myself, but I was painting! Give me a break.

Here is the mostly finished nursery.

I am planning on decorating the frames above the changer. Pretty excited to get crafty with those!

Last but not least, Gray is tired of helping out. Preparing for a little brother is a lot of work!!

Christmas Time

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! As you can see above, Santa arrived just fine. Gray came down the stairs and went straight for his new big-wheel. Even though we know it is going to be a while for him to get full use out of it, Gray likes to sit on it and scoot around.
This year Grayson learned how to open up presents. We didn't want to show him that the wrapped boxes under the tree actually contained gifts until Christmas as we were a bit worried that he might just help himself to everything that was under the tree. I think he might have been a bit suspicious though after he moved one of the presents and it started talking to him. (It was a toy car for one of his cousins.) That poor box had a tough time from that point on because Gray never wanted to leave it alone!

One of the presents that Eric and I were excited to get in the mail was our new camera!! YAY! It went on sale just days before Christmas so we ordered it. We don't really consider it a Christmas present... more like we just took advantage of the sales of the season. :) At least we have it before the baby arrives, which was our ultimate goal.