Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bryce William has arrived!

So our newest addition decided to come earlier than expected... still overdue but earlier than we were guessing. My due date was officially Wednesday the 24th. I went to a doctor appt that day and the doctor agreed that most likely we would see each other on the 1st of April because I hadn't started dilating yet. With that in mind, I didn't think anything of the braxton hicks contractions on Thursday night. They lasted for well over six hours but weren't painful and I was able to sleep through them. After school on Friday was a normal day of running errands and trying to get last minute things done before Bryce's arrival (cleaning car, putting in the baby seat, etc). After dinner I gave Gray a bath and cleaned the bathroom at the same time. I noticed that I was getting some good contractions from all the scrubbing, but thought they would go away like the night before.
A few hours later they were coming a little stronger and closer together so I started timing them. Turns out they were 5-6 minutes apart! Interesting. Still, nothing to be alarmed about. It wasn't until 1:30 in the morning that I woke up Eric because I was having to breathe through the contractions now. We called the hospital and asked them what we should do. They told us to come in within the next hour unless we could get them to slow down. I decided to take a shower to relax and see if I could slow things down. Nope. But I did get to have nice clean hair! :) Haha. As I started to get ready Eric was running around like a crazy man packing bags, cleaning, and getting everything nailed down for us to be away for a few days.
After Eric was able to shoo me into the car we drove down to Tacoma to drop off Grayson at my parents house. Here is the last pic of us as a family of 3.
Then we were off to the hospital. I was put on a monitor to check on the timing of contractions. Turns out they were coming every 5 minutes (which was surprising because they had slowed down a bit when I was laying in bed to 7-8 minutes apart). Then they checked me and it turns out I was dilated to a 3! I was shocked!! Couldn't believe that I really WAS in labor. In any case, with me entering into active labor they decided to do the c-section right away. At this point it was 5 am. By the time they assembled their team, prepped me, and started, Bryce was born at 6:16 am.

So that is the story of Bryce's arrival. As you can see above Bryce was a hefty 9 lb 4 oz. More that I was expecting! :) Oh - and he was 21.5 inches long.

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  1. I love the birthing story! I'm so glad everything went smoothly! You have such a beautiful family.