Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day!

So today is the first official SNOW DAY of the year! Yesterday it was coming down pretty hard so they let school out 90 minutes early. I headed out with the bell and grabbed a redbox movie along the way. Then we bundled up the kiddos to play outside and take our Christmas card pics. We got a couple good ones with the great snow background.Now we just need to order the cards. :)

I know that you love the pink cougs hat that Gray picked out. He refused to change it to HIS hat. Awesome. We should have taken a pic of the original hat that he picked out and put on Bryce - Eric's big Carhart one. haha.


  1. Your kids are so stinking cute! Love the pink hat! :)

  2. OH! That smile on Grayson's face. SO precious! And Bryce's full body suit... CUTE!